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I have recently been introduced to Fluevogs by Sally’s blog and now I have found a pair that I am absolutely swooning over.

libbysmithAren’t they gorgeous?  Well if you don’t have a thing for spats, I guess you would say they were ugly, but I love to toe the line (no pun intended) of cute/ugly in shoes.  Too bad they are WAY out of my budget right now since we are remodeling our house but maybe after the dust settles I can save up for them (hopefully before Spring!).

Also drawing my attention, but not in the same NEED WANT way as the Libby Smith’s above, are these beautiesgiuliaThey are very funky and cute and I love the shiny.  In fact the only thing I don’t like about either of these shoes is the 2.5 inch heel–I know it will be comfortable, but I like my boot heels to be 3 inches otherwise I feel that they are in that weird not high heels/not flats area.

What are you all drooling over for the Autumn/Winter season?


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