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I love the way i-cord looks, I really do, but for me it can get tedious the same way endless stocking stitch can get tedious.  This flower i-cord by Sarah Bradberry is truly adorable and would look great appliqued to a plain-jane A-line skirt.  Anyway, I was just playing around with some long lengths of i-cord with vague ideas of making a belt or a neckline trim or anchor-applique-something and truly putting off starting my holiday gifts.  Putting off gift-making is ridiculous, especially because this year I’m making a scarf and napkins (the easiest thing in the world!) and a little tiny pouch with a zip and a foldover snap for traveling with jewelry (the teeny tiny zip is scaring me away from this project, but it must be done).

What is everyone else making?

I am also searching for a really good and true recipe for Irish brown bread–the lovely crumby and soft bread you can get all over Ireland.  I’m sure it must have wholemeal flour, some sort of bran, and buttermilk in it, but I’ve tried out about 10 online recipes and none of them are up to par so if any of you know a good recipe, please let me know!


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