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I have decided to splurge out and buy a dress form, but having scoured the reviews for a few hours, I’ve realized that the modern Singer and Dritz ones have very bad reviews indeed (most saying that they are cheaply made and break easily).

I have heard a lot about the foam Uniquely You dress forms but there are mixed reviews about the performance of the foam and the most critical review was of the “uni-boob” with which the makers endowed this form.    Said offending anatomy can be seen at the right.

Then there is the PGM dress form, which looks suitable but isn’t overly adjustable so I’d have to work on padding it out in places that need padding.  The PGM one I’m looking at is the #603 and is seen at left.

Then of course there is ebay–there are various vintage Wolf dress forms from the 80s on ebay, which might be nice, but the measurements seem a bit odd and I would once again need to pad.

Other vintage forms on ebay are enticing, particularly these three:

This is a Wolf brand dress form from the 50s.

This one is an Acme adjustable dress form–I just love the thought of owning something Acme..not sure why I have nostalgia for the company name.

Another push button adjustable dress form that looks promising.

So, I turn it over to you, dear readers…any recomendations on dress forms?  I like the idea of having an adjustable one, so that I could change it if I gain or lose weight.


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