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Happy holidays everyone! I got somewhat sucked into making presents that never got photographed because I was working on them up until the last moment, but, I did get to spend some time with my niece over the holidays and she wanted to learn how to “knit like a big girl with two needles.” She has a hand loom her grandmother bought her, but like any little girl, she wants to do what the big girls do and use needles. So, Auntie K sat down and taught her how to knit with two needles. She picked it up amazingly fast, but of course made some mistakes that I faithfully corrected for her. I want to buy her a book that teaches her more about knitting (and purling, which we didn’t get to do) and how to fix mistakes since she lives very far away and I can’t be there to correct ever slipped stitch for her. Any suggestions out there? She is 8 and likes “chapter books” so she can read fairly well and understand the processes if they are explained in a rudimentary fashion. Her mom doesn’t knit, but can help her read if words are confusing. Interwebs to the rescue, I hope!


I love the way i-cord looks, I really do, but for me it can get tedious the same way endless stocking stitch can get tedious.  This flower i-cord by Sarah Bradberry is truly adorable and would look great appliqued to a plain-jane A-line skirt.  Anyway, I was just playing around with some long lengths of i-cord with vague ideas of making a belt or a neckline trim or anchor-applique-something and truly putting off starting my holiday gifts.  Putting off gift-making is ridiculous, especially because this year I’m making a scarf and napkins (the easiest thing in the world!) and a little tiny pouch with a zip and a foldover snap for traveling with jewelry (the teeny tiny zip is scaring me away from this project, but it must be done).

What is everyone else making?

I am also searching for a really good and true recipe for Irish brown bread–the lovely crumby and soft bread you can get all over Ireland.  I’m sure it must have wholemeal flour, some sort of bran, and buttermilk in it, but I’ve tried out about 10 online recipes and none of them are up to par so if any of you know a good recipe, please let me know!

I am looking to barter with someone–773px-Barter-Chickens_for_Subscriptionone of you lovely readers or someone you know perhaps!  I am in need of a custom image for my Etsy shop for custom orders or reserved listings and I would love to trade someone handy with the sketching for something knitted (your choice of anything listed in my shop (dog sweater, clapotis shawl, tea cozy), a scarf, fingerless gloves, a hat,  baby blanket, or if you have another idea or desire, let me know and we’ll chat about it) of your choice.  My idea for the image would be a TRex knitting up a sweater with needles and yarn trailing but I’m open to any and all ideas and I hope someone out there can help me!  Let the bartering begin!

Well since my major sewing fail I’ve been sucked into looking at more and more knitting patterns and have planned even more knitting for the upcoming months.  I’ve still got my plans I mentioned in this post (and will post pictures of the adorable dog sweater soon), but I’ve added mercilessly to the list, starting with this beauty…isn’t it gorgeous?  It is a knickers and vest combo or a long dress/nightgown/slip depending on which version you work up, knit on tiny needles with (I’m guessing because I haven’t seen the pattern yet) 2-ply yarn.  This small guage will be good though because I want this to be soft and smooth against the skin.

I’ve also added onto the list Kate Davies neep heid in the beet heid colorway.  Full confession time–I’ve never thought fair isle was anything to get involved with as it usually entailed geeky Christmas scenes that reminded me too much of the 80s, but this hat is great and nothing like any of the fair isle you remember from your embarrassing childhood.  It will be my first real foray into fair isle so that will be exciting.

Also on the list from Kate Davies is the o w l sweater.  I don’t usually like the way chunky knit sweaters look on me in the finished product but I have high hopes for this one as it looks nicely tailored around the waikaren1st at the back.

There are more photos here of peoples’ owl creations:

I’ve been swamped with sewing ideas and projects lately but I have been squeezing in some knitting here and there.


I am almost finished with this shawl from knitty.  Initially I thought I would keep it for myself, but as I keep looking at the inner lace portion, I’m wondering if it wouldn’t be more suited to someone a bit older than myself.  I had in mind my grandmother who loves to knit but can’t anymore because of the arthritis in her hands.  I didn’t add the beads into the fishnet portion and I am going to dye mine a greenish gray.  This is not a fast knit, fair warning, but the fishnet is absolutely lovely and I think I may try and make a stocking pattern from the fishnet stitch.

I’m also in the midst of making a baby blanket, but have no photos of it yet…I’m doing the edging in Bernat Bamboo yarn and the middle in Paton’s Silk Bamboo (green and blue).  It will be lovely when I am finally done and weave in the ends, but wow is the Bernat Bamboo hard to weave in-I find the ends sticking out and fraying all over so I don’t think I’d use it for a baby blanket again since baby items get loads of washing.

On the docket to start are a dog sweater, like this one I made, edog sweaterxcept I’m going to do it in a finer weight yarn this time so there are no snags if the dog likes running under bushes like mine does.  This is for an etsy buyer on my site and I hope her pup will love it as much as mine does. This is my main priority now that I have the yarn in hand and the necessary measurements.

Next up after that is complete is this capelet.  I saw Gertie inquiring about capes and capeletes and wrote in her comments that I had a nurse’s cape and had been longing after a hooded capelet.  Well this is the hooded capelet I’d love to make:

mimi1This is a pattern/kit from Hanne Falkenberg and it is shown here in raspberry but comes in a variety of colors, but I rather like the poppy red color.  I know it is totally impractical but I really think it looks adorable and if I hate it, I can always frog it out and make something else.

After that I have on my plate other fall knits but I’ll save those for another post!

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