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Happy holidays everyone! I got somewhat sucked into making presents that never got photographed because I was working on them up until the last moment, but, I did get to spend some time with my niece over the holidays and she wanted to learn how to “knit like a big girl with two needles.” She has a hand loom her grandmother bought her, but like any little girl, she wants to do what the big girls do and use needles. So, Auntie K sat down and taught her how to knit with two needles. She picked it up amazingly fast, but of course made some mistakes that I faithfully corrected for her. I want to buy her a book that teaches her more about knitting (and purling, which we didn’t get to do) and how to fix mistakes since she lives very far away and I can’t be there to correct ever slipped stitch for her. Any suggestions out there? She is 8 and likes “chapter books” so she can read fairly well and understand the processes if they are explained in a rudimentary fashion. Her mom doesn’t knit, but can help her read if words are confusing. Interwebs to the rescue, I hope!


flat-earth-societyOh hello there!  What happened to me, you may ask–well I bought a house, a money pit, really, and it has been sucking up every single free minute of my time.  I managed to complete the puppy sweater (for Gibson, I will have pictures soon I hope of him in it) in between a massive plumbing problem at said money pit but since every moment of free time is spent over there fixing, painting, and doing all manner of home renovation I haven’t had much time for sewing.

I am working on neep heid though (in the beet heid colorway) and it is coming along smoothly after a bit of a struggle being impatient with the I-cord cast on.  It’s my first go at colorwork and while I’m pretty sure I’m not doing it “right,” I’m doing it and so far, it looks like the picture, so hooray!

I may be a bit absent for the next few weeks as we try mightily to get the money pit ready for inhabitants, but if anyone has any opinions on what to do about a kitchen floor that has a layer of plywood glued AND nailed to the hardwoods, leave a comment!

And that someone was me.

And that someone was me.

I have a whole backlog of posts to get out, but need photos to post them and of course, with work, and being in a play, and in the middle of a yard sale and house move, there is no time for photos.

The projects entail–quilting for the first time in my life (advice anyone?), refashioning a dress into a skirt and a shirt, refashioning a skirt into a shorter skirt and….something else (not sure what yet), finishing some undergarments, and searching for patterns for split knickers (like the ones Queen Vic wore).

In terms of refashioning, I have so many projects to get through and postWR096mths that it is embarrassing.  I have planned: turning dog bandanas into a dog bed, the afore mentioned skirt into skirt + something fabulous (it’s all in Liberty print as well!), turning a wrap dress into a skirt and a shirt, refashioned a tired and ill-fitting RTW cardi into something delightful and well-fitting, turning sheets, curtains, and pillowcases into a king-size quilt (I’ve never quilted before, so lots of advice would be lovely from you expert commenters), and refitting/refashioning all of my empire waisted shirts that I stupidly bought a few years ago even though they make me look 6 months gone.

Phew…so I promise I will be back soon with pictures (and hopefully a fancy new sewing room with a cutting table space!) toute de suite!

And just for randomness…when I was searching around for vintage patterns and images, I came across this book cover?  Not sure what it was intended to be, but thought we could all puzzle over it together.vantage tips

Well, I can hardly believe it has been a year since I started sewing clothing, but it has been so much fun.  I learned how to sew in Home-Ec (now you know I’m an ancient one) but we only made some pillows and curtains and I learned more about how to sew by hand than I did with a machine (to the point where it was known in my family that if you needed something hand-sewn, I was your girl, but my sister was the machine-sewing-goddess).

I started out making a superbly easy dress, the Simplicity 3835 Built by Wendy pattern where you can make a shirt or three styles of the same basic dress.  I first made the shirt, but I can’t show you a photo because the back seam ripped open on my first wear (made with a very vintage lightweight sheer wool, which in hindsight, pulled through the seam).  I haven’t repaired it yet, I’m not sure why, but it does remind me of how far I have come.

Out of the same lightweight vintage wool, I most recently made this dress:

nana dress blogAnd this is a landmark dress because I made it without a pattern.  I based it partially off a vintage dress I already owned and partially after seeing the Anda dress from Burda.  I think it makes me look a bit thicker in the waist than I actually am, but I think that has more to do with the fact that I placed the waist a bit higher than I should have and used the wrong type of elastic/binding so it is a bit more bulky than I would like.  Which might make it seem like I am unhappy with it, but really, in real life, it moves very well and I am happy with it and incredibly pleased with the success I had in making a dress from an image in my head instead of from a pre-printed pattern.  I have some goals for myself (Colette Chantilly in a green silk is one of them) and hope that I get more adventurous in my sewing than I have been previously.

So, what have your sewing accomplishments been in the last year?  Do you have any goals for your future crafting or are you happy just to go along with the flow and see where it takes you?


CK Dexter Haven! Aren't these kind of awesome/cool/weird earrings?

Hello!  Well, the main reason I am here is because I have joined Wardrobe Refashion for 6 months and want to fully document my progress in the clothes-making process.  My other reasons are that I read a fair number of crafting blogs and hope that some of you out there on the interwebs can help me with some of my refashioning ideas–that’s right, I’m looking for advice and critiques, and if you see anything you like, pop on over to my Etsy page and have me Alchemy one up for you!

And for those of you wondering about my teeny tiny arms I keep mentioning, here is a good explanation of all things T. rex.

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