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With the wealth of actual vintage sewing patterns available out there, I had been steadfastly ignoring reproduction patterns in my pattern-buying/browsing, but recently I’ve been swayed by two repro patterns out there.


Image Copyright Wearing History

The first, is one by Lauren over at Wearing History (if you haven’t looked at her website, you really must, it is a treasure trove of vintage sewing and costuming) is a pajama pattern but could also be adapted for a beach costume or lounge-wear.  Isn’t it gorgeous?  Too bad it isn’t the correct size for me (Pssst, Lauren, are you making more?) but if any of you out there would fit into it, please buy it and let me know how glorious it is to swan about your house in such a garment (find the etsy listing by clicking on the image).


The second pattern that has caught my eye is this one by Jennie at Sense and

Image copyright Sense and Sensibility patterns

Sensibility patterns.  This is the 1940’s Swing Dress pattern and while I am certain that there are a multitude of actual vintage dress patterns like this, I really do love the details at the shoulder and the waist and am very drawn to buying this one instead of poring over thousands of vintage dress patterns to find those same details in a vintage pattern.


Have any of you made up either of these patterns?  Are you a fan of repro patterns or do you prefer to stick to the “real thing” so to speak?  Any opinions are welcome!


I was reading Anja’s Clever Nettle blog today where she mentioned that after longing after a vintage photo album she finally bought it.  This particular photo album includes wardrobe photos of a girl from the 1930s and I was struck by one particular photo:

hooded dress

Photo copyright Anja Louise Verdugo at

how amazing is that dress?  It reminds me of the vintage Simplicity 3276 dress here, except the dress in the photo has so many more luscious details and looks more structured and put together than the Simplicity pattern.  I would love to find a pattern (I’m too chicken to attempt to make my own simply basing it off a photo) and make up this dress, and rock it with the same attitude and confidence this girl shows!

So Gertie’s post today about sewing winter coats got me thinking: when you sew a coat, and you are looking at sizing, do you sew your size the way you sew your size in a dress or shirt or trousers or do you go up a size because you are wearing this coat over a sweater and scarf or other bundly clothing?

I’m nowhere near ready to make a coat (I don’t think) but in my musing, I happened upon this pattern, Vogue 8626.  Looking at it, it seems to have a lot of give.  I am V8626normally a size 12 or 14 in Vogue, but would I go up to a 16 for a coat that I want to wear a sweater under or do the patterns account for that?  Any advice please leave it in the comments!

Edited to add–the Vogue website doesn’t have finished measurements for this garment, so while I know what they say my size is, I have no idea the amount of ease in the pattern because finished measurements are not online (or I don’t see them).

Well since my major sewing fail I’ve been sucked into looking at more and more knitting patterns and have planned even more knitting for the upcoming months.  I’ve still got my plans I mentioned in this post (and will post pictures of the adorable dog sweater soon), but I’ve added mercilessly to the list, starting with this beauty…isn’t it gorgeous?  It is a knickers and vest combo or a long dress/nightgown/slip depending on which version you work up, knit on tiny needles with (I’m guessing because I haven’t seen the pattern yet) 2-ply yarn.  This small guage will be good though because I want this to be soft and smooth against the skin.

I’ve also added onto the list Kate Davies neep heid in the beet heid colorway.  Full confession time–I’ve never thought fair isle was anything to get involved with as it usually entailed geeky Christmas scenes that reminded me too much of the 80s, but this hat is great and nothing like any of the fair isle you remember from your embarrassing childhood.  It will be my first real foray into fair isle so that will be exciting.

Also on the list from Kate Davies is the o w l sweater.  I don’t usually like the way chunky knit sweaters look on me in the finished product but I have high hopes for this one as it looks nicely tailored around the waikaren1st at the back.

There are more photos here of peoples’ owl creations:

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