Happy holidays everyone! I got somewhat sucked into making presents that never got photographed because I was working on them up until the last moment, but, I did get to spend some time with my niece over the holidays and she wanted to learn how to “knit like a big girl with two needles.” She has a hand loom her grandmother bought her, but like any little girl, she wants to do what the big girls do and use needles. So, Auntie K sat down and taught her how to knit with two needles. She picked it up amazingly fast, but of course made some mistakes that I faithfully corrected for her. I want to buy her a book that teaches her more about knitting (and purling, which we didn’t get to do) and how to fix mistakes since she lives very far away and I can’t be there to correct ever slipped stitch for her. Any suggestions out there? She is 8 and likes “chapter books” so she can read fairly well and understand the processes if they are explained in a rudimentary fashion. Her mom doesn’t knit, but can help her read if words are confusing. Interwebs to the rescue, I hope!