The one thing I am absolutely petrified of sewing (besides knits) are trousers.  I don’t know why two tubes and a crotch of material are so intimidating to me, but perhaps it is because I am sort of difficult to fit and all of the endless muslins and alterations scare me off.  A dress is much easier to fake if the fit is not ideal, but trousers cannot be helped if the fit is not right.  Knowing this, I scoured for some repro 30s/40s style trousers (wide leg, high waist) and found a few shops that sell them.

First up is Heyday clothing’s Swing Trousers (hey looks, it is Fleur de Guerre modeling them!)

Check out the gorgeous Fleur in those trousers!

I could only give more love to these trousers if they had them in my size.  I really wanted green ones and would have settled for navy or black, any of the wool colors, really, but sigh, none of them were available in my size.  They look absolutely lovely on those that I have seen wear them though and eventually they will be mine.

Second up is Vivien of Holloway’s Swing Trousers which I found and for which I quickly fell.  I bought them in green, and may I say, they are divine.  I was worried about fabric quality, very worried (I’ll get to that later) but these are lightweight, yet still warm, have the perfect amount of drape and swing.  I highly recommend them (and no, they aren’t even paying me to say that!).

Next up is a seller on etsy, Jitterbuggin, who makes vintage-style trousers from vintage patterns and vintage haberdashery.  I am not usually one to go for the overall look, and yet, these are rather enticing.  Perhaps it is the kicky pinstripe on that sassy model, but if I had the spare cash, I’d definitely want a pair of these.

A note about fabrics–the reason I had worried over the fabrics at Heyday and Vivien was because in some of the photos, the fabrics look very “costumey/polyestery” but having read the reviews, almost everyone comments on how the fabrics are much  nicer than pictured and are of really good quality.