flat-earth-societyOh hello there!  What happened to me, you may ask–well I bought a house, a money pit, really, and it has been sucking up every single free minute of my time.  I managed to complete the puppy sweater (for Gibson, I will have pictures soon I hope of him in it) in between a massive plumbing problem at said money pit but since every moment of free time is spent over there fixing, painting, and doing all manner of home renovation I haven’t had much time for sewing.

I am working on neep heid though (in the beet heid colorway) and it is coming along smoothly after a bit of a struggle being impatient with the I-cord cast on.  It’s my first go at colorwork and while I’m pretty sure I’m not doing it “right,” I’m doing it and so far, it looks like the picture, so hooray!

I may be a bit absent for the next few weeks as we try mightily to get the money pit ready for inhabitants, but if anyone has any opinions on what to do about a kitchen floor that has a layer of plywood glued AND nailed to the hardwoods, leave a comment!