As I stated earlier, I’m searching for a pattern for bloomers similar to the ones Queen Victoria wore (a sort of split pant type bloomer).  I have a found a few patterns I could modify, so it is time for a pattern roundup!

The first, which is adorable, is also not really bloomers, but could function as a slip that would stop the inner thigh chafing (TMI?):


Adorable, right?

The second is a similar pattern that is just a JPEG I found on the internet of a step-in type pattern:


Kind of nerve-wracking to construct a pattern from a tiny image but I think it could be done.

The third pattern is probably closest to what I was looking for (a type of vintage Spanx without so much unbreathable material sticking to my skin):

superior bloomerIt even looks like it might be split in the middle for easy toilet use, but I can’t really tell from the small image of the instructions.

The fourth is a type of pantaloons/longer tap pants pattern from a site I’ve never heard of before, but I guess is simlar to Folkwear or Sensibility.

BloomersSo…any opinions from you, dear reader?  Who knew I would be looking for a pattern that is most often found on modesty-specializing websites, but I can’t be the only one with inner thigh chafe, can I?