And that someone was me.

And that someone was me.

I have a whole backlog of posts to get out, but need photos to post them and of course, with work, and being in a play, and in the middle of a yard sale and house move, there is no time for photos.

The projects entail–quilting for the first time in my life (advice anyone?), refashioning a dress into a skirt and a shirt, refashioning a skirt into a shorter skirt and….something else (not sure what yet), finishing some undergarments, and searching for patterns for split knickers (like the ones Queen Vic wore).

In terms of refashioning, I have so many projects to get through and postWR096mths that it is embarrassing.  I have planned: turning dog bandanas into a dog bed, the afore mentioned skirt into skirt + something fabulous (it’s all in Liberty print as well!), turning a wrap dress into a skirt and a shirt, refashioned a tired and ill-fitting RTW cardi into something delightful and well-fitting, turning sheets, curtains, and pillowcases into a king-size quilt (I’ve never quilted before, so lots of advice would be lovely from you expert commenters), and refitting/refashioning all of my empire waisted shirts that I stupidly bought a few years ago even though they make me look 6 months gone.

Phew…so I promise I will be back soon with pictures (and hopefully a fancy new sewing room with a cutting table space!) toute de suite!

And just for randomness…when I was searching around for vintage patterns and images, I came across this book cover?  Not sure what it was intended to be, but thought we could all puzzle over it together.vantage tips